Here are some comments from participants

“I think it is important for medical students to go abroad and have clinical or research experiences. Medical school is a bubble, and during the pre-clinical years you are taught the idealistic version of medicine/the world, with barely a nod to the fact that life and medical care is in fact exceedingly complicated and frustrating. I feel like this summer woke me up to this, and to the fact that complaining about how frustrated you feel is next to no value added. This summer reminded me to tackle problems with a focus on how to find solutions, not to get lost in how complex or challenging situations might be. I think this is a skill set that will serve me, and other students, incredibly well in life and in this career.”
~ Medical student who rotated at Clínica de Familia in 2017

“Camp is unforgettable. It is part of my life story. I love it. Because there I go and learn and I go and get to know more youth who are the same as me, that is why it’s important for me. I get to know people just like me because you never know and you always think ‘oh I am the only one who has this (HIV)’ but then you see no there are other people who have this and you can be happy, normal, and share things.”
~ HIV positive child discussing their experience at Camp Hope and Joy

“I would like to tell other teens that they should take advantage of the services offered at MAMI, because they are very good services and it is important that teens take care of the their health. In my experience here in La Romana, MAMI is a very unique place. You can go to other cities in the Dominican Republic and you won’t find the quality or the breadth of services for teens that are offered at MAMI.”
~ Teen client who has received services at the Maternal Infant Health Annex (MAMI)

“I feel proud of the work I do, because I can help teens. The topics that we discuss are not frequently talked about in the community, and many teens don´t have anyone they can talk to. Teens feel like they can talk to me openly and ask questions about sexual and reproductive health. They know that I will give them accurate information.”
~ MAMI sex educator