Here are some comments:

Participants and Trainees

“I think it is important for medical students to go abroad and have clinical or research experiences. Medical school is a bubble, and during the pre-clinical years you are taught the idealistic version of medicine/the world, with barely a nod to the fact that life and medical care is in fact exceedingly complicated and frustrating. I feel like this summer woke me up to this, and to the fact that complaining about how frustrated you feel is next to no value added. This summer reminded me to tackle problems with a focus on how to find solutions, not to get lost in how complex or challenging situations might be. I think this is a skill set that will serve me, and other students, incredibly well in life and in this career.”
~ Medical student who rotated at Clínica de Familia in 2017


“Camp is unforgettable. It is part of my life story. I love it. Because there I go and learn and I go and get to know more youth who are the same as me, that is why it’s important for me. I get to know people just like me because you never know and you always think ‘oh I am the only one who has this (HIV)’ but then you see no there are other people who have this and you can be happy, normal, and share things.”
~ HIV positive child discussing their experience at Camp Hope and Joy

“I am HIV-positive and I have been living with HIV for 7 years. But I have an undetectable viral load, because I have really taken care of myself. The effort and support that Clínica de Familia has provided for me to be alive has not been in vain. Every person that has helped me over the years has made all the difference. Right when I thought my life was ending, I arrived at Clínica de Familia, where the staff helped me to see that my life was really just beginning.”
~Client living with HIV, 2021


“I feel proud of the work I do, because I can help teens. The topics that we discuss are not frequently talked about in the community, and many teens don´t have anyone they can talk to. Teens feel like they can talk to me openly and ask questions about sexual and reproductive health. They know that I will give them accurate information.”
~ Sex educator

I am Doris Richardson, and I have worked as a clinical psychologist at Clínica de Familia La Romana for the last four years. “I like working at Clínica de Familia because it has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and as a human being. I am surrounded by people who exhibit the essence of family, full of love, respect, and collaboration. I also love my work because I can save lives; there is no greater satisfaction than seeing our clients improve and empowered to accept their HIV diagnoses. Through our support, they are able to accept their health condition not as a tragedy, but as a part of their life moving forward. Really, the quality of life that we help our clients achieve in Clínica de Familia is unlike any other place. It is great working at Clínica de Familia. Even when there are difficult moments, be they personal or work-related, Clínica de Familia is there to support us. I am proud to work at Clínica de Familia because I have grown so much here. I didn´t even realize what I was capable of until Clínica de Familia helped me unleash my potential.”
~ Clinical Psychologist, 2021, after four years in this job

My name is Rosa Huber de Luis. I am a client navigator at Clínica de Familia and I have worked here since 2008. I like to work at Clínica de Familia because I am able to help people. When you are able to help others, you are making a difference. This is what really motivates me. Every day I search for ways to assist our clients with the many situations that they are dealing with. We really have had a big impact on their lives. By providing them with orientation and support, they are able to improve their quality of life. We explain that by taking their medications, they can live a normal life. This has helped many people. Clínica de Familia has really changed my life. It has taught me to value life, value my family. We have the best work environment… my co-workers are like family. If I have any kind of situation, the folks here will help me. We really work as a team. I feel very proud to work at Clínica de Familia.
~ Client Navigator, HIV Program, 2021